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Top-performing Air Conditioners, with top-quality components, meet specs.


Choose the one that suits your style: elegant design, minimal appearance.


Plan the manufacturing process and product design sustainably.


The first company to offer a 10 year warranty on all parts of the device.

Leading the way


Since 1991, GREE has been at the forefront of the air conditioning industry, spearheading innovative cooling solutions from our headquarters in Zhuhai, China. Today, we take pride in being the world's largest dedicated air conditioner enterprise, merging progressive research and development, superior manufacturing, robust sales, and exceptional service.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond manufacturing advanced air conditioners; it's about improving the comfort of living and working spaces around the globe. We invite you to explore GREE's dedication to transforming the cooling experience, ensuring a cooler, more comfortable world, one air conditioner at a time.

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Heating & Cooling FAQ

Do your products qualify for rebates?

Yes, many of our products qualify for rebates. It changes depending on area and product Check if you qualify for rebates!

Where can I purchase your products?

If you are a homeowner, our products require certified trained contractors to install. Click here To find a nearby contractor certified to install GREE equipment.
If you a contractor, we have various distributors across Canada.

How long is your warranty?

Our warranty is 10 years starting from the date of installation.
Register your installation for warranty "Warranty link"

I have an error code, what does it mean?

This means you have an error. Come to this page, and see what it means!

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